Maternity Photo session

5 Things you need to PLAN for your maternity photoshoot

1. Decide the location
2. Communicate with your photographer.
3. Planning
4. Attention to detail - Nails, shoes, family outfit colors to wear, undergarments.
5. Book your Hair & Makeup in advance.


You have done your research and finally found a photographer whose work you like and who is the right fit. You got the date on their calendar. Is your work Done??? Well, NO... It's just the beginning. There are soo many things you need to prepare and plan to make sure the photoshoot goes as planned and as you envisioned. Well, sweat not! My list should help you to keep calm and plan it well to leave anything to luck.


One of the very important parts of any photo shoot is LOCATION. You can decide if you want an indoor/In-Studio photoshoot or an Outdoor - location-based photoshoot or BOTH. The location sets the vibe & the mood for the maternity photos. Although Outdoor photoshoots are always super gorgeous, they are very limited to the time of the day i.e. the golden hour (an hour before sunset) and are unpredictable in terms of weather. Especially, if you are based out of cities like Seattle where rain is part of our lives.

Do your research and discuss it with your photographer. You can have a popular location or find a hidden gem to make your pregnancy images special.

In-studio can have beautiful Backdrops, Backlit Options, and the focus will be completely on you two and the love between the two of you and your family.


A maternity photoshoot is not only about the camera and the location. It's also about the vibe and mood you want for the photo shoot. Every mom-to-be has a vision and it's up to the photographer's skill to make sure we are able to understand it and recommend you accordingly. End products are no flukes, they are the product of Hard work, planning, clear communication, and EXPERIENCE ;)

You can have your maternity photoshoot styled in whatever way you would like it to be. It can be all glamorous or have it in Classic style. Having a Rainbow Baby - let your photographer know and design it for you. Want to include your kids in the photoshoot - let's talk about that! If you want magical flying fabrics for your maternity photos or want oceans and open fields to be part of your photoshoot - let's plan it so that we have what we like. A serious Maternity photographer will have a good collection of dresses, and numerous locations in mind to help you bring your vision to life.

ProTip - Keep some sample images ready with you for the vibe and look you would like for the photo shoot to share with your photographer.


Planning is the most important part of any creative process. Make sure your gown is decided well in advance. Most professional photographers will have a beautiful collection of gowns from around the world that costs thousands of dollars. This will save you both time and money to spend on Outfit/Gowns you hardly will touch twice. Once your Gown & location are decided, your family needs to be in the same color palette. You do not want a last-minute run to the mall because the sweater you thought would work best is in either laundry or worse has a stain on it that cannot be ignored.

I always prefer partners to be in a little formal look. My Favorite is a Plain white shirt or a beige Sweater and dark-colored denim or pants. So I always guide my family to keep them ready in advance. We all know things happen and plan changes but that should not be the reason to affect your maternity photoshoot.


Yes, Details matter. It can make or break your first family photoshoot. Details like your-

NAILS- nobody likes to remember chipped nail paints. Get your Mani-Pedi done a day before the photoshoot. Photoshop can do a lot but no photographer wants to spend hours on each photo fixing your chipped nails. We rather spend that time making your pictures extra special.

UNDERGARMENTS - yes, it matters. I know your body is changing and every day is a new struggle. But having the correct size, style and color of your undergarments for your gown/outfit can make you feel a lot more confident and that will show in your pictures. Wearing an Off-shoulder gown? Get a strapless bra. Wearing a body suit? Don't wear Boxer Panties. Make sure the colors are Nude enough to not have colors reflecting through the gowns/ fabrics. Get the right size and try it before you feel it's too late.

WATCHES/JEWELLERY/PHONES - I cannot explain to you how much I hate when I see an apple watch in hands or an iPhone popping out of husband's pocket ruining an excellent picture. I always ask my clients to take off unnecessary chains, bracelets, phones, and watches before starting the photoshoot. It's easier to care for them in the studio but outdoors I feel super concerned about losing them or forgetting them on the side. Carry your phone and necessity but make sure you remember to keep them safe before you get in the photographer's frame.

SHOES - Carry your heels and comfortable shoes. When you can not see your feet, wear your comfortable shoes. But at times I love to ask my Mommas to pull out that leg a little and show Off their beautiful skin, that's when a good heel can add so much more to the shot than you can ever imagine.


Yes, you might feel that a good gown will do most of the job, and the rest of photoshop can take care of it. But the answer is NO! A good Hair and Makeup Artist (HMUA) can enhance your features. It's your family's first official portrait and we want it to be perfect. Some photographers include this service in the packages and some can recommend it to you to decide as per your liking and budget. The camera captures everything and makeup makes sure it is done in the best way possible.

So now you are all set. Go and enjoy your Pregnancy photoshoot.

*All the gowns shown are provided from my client's closet.

**Contact me to customise your Maternity photoshoot.